Top 5 Wednesday Addams Family Costumes

Top 5 Wednesday Addams Family Costumes

The Addams Family is one of the most memorable series in the history of cinema and television due to their specific approach to life. Now that the series “Wednesday” with Jenna Ortega as a main character brought the attention back to the family, there is no better time for exploring the best Addams Family costumes. Whether it be Halloween, a Coplay competition, or just an expression of your devotion to this incredible family, here are the five best Addams Family costumes to try.

Wednesday Addams Hoodie: Casual yet Spooky

From her first appearance in Addams family Wednesday Addams has always been the gothic goddess. Her signature look has evolved over the years, but one thing remains constant: and her overall dark and mysterious personality. If you are looking for an updated version of her original look, the Wednesday Addams hoodie is a great option.

Why it’s great:

  • Comfortable and Casual: Unlike traditional costumes, a hoodie is perfect for everyday wear. You can sport your Wednesday Addams look while running errands or hanging out with friends.
  • Stylish Design: Most Wednesday Addams hoodies feature her iconic collar and sometimes a graphic print of her somber face or favorite quotes.
  • Versatile: Pair it with black leggings or a skirt, and you’re ready to channel your inner Wednesday Addams with minimal effort.

Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Jacket: A Modern Take

    Jenna Ortega has given a new androgynous spin to the character of Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series. Her fashion choices and especially the Jenna Ortega Wednesday Jacket, she flaunts most of the time now becomes a must-have for the fans.

    Why It’s Great:

    • Iconic Look: This jacket captures the essence of the new Wednesday, blending gothic elements with modern fashion.
    • Quality and Detail: Replicas of Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday jacket are usually well-made, with attention to details like the buttons and fabric to match the on-screen look.
    • Layering Option: Perfect for cooler weather, this jacket can be layered over a simple dress or paired with pants for a complete Wednesday Addams transformation.

    Wednesday Uncle Fester Costume: Light Up the Room

      Uncle Fester is one of the most beloved characters in the Addams Family, known for his bald head, dark circles under his eyes, and peculiar charm. Dressing up as Uncle Fester is sure to bring a lot of laughs and maybe even some puzzled looks.

      Why It’s Great:

      • Instant Recognition: Uncle Fester’s unique look is instantly recognizable, making it a hit at any costume party.
      • Fun Accessories: Many Uncle Fester costumes come with accessories like a light bulb that fits in the mouth, highlighting his electrifying personality.
      • Comfortable Outfit: Typically consisting of a long black robe or coat, the Uncle Fester costume is both comfortable and easy to wear.

      Lurch Costume: The Gentle Giant

        Lurch, the Addams Family’s towering butler, is another fantastic costume choice. His deep voice, stoic expression, and towering presence make him a memorable character.

        Why It’s Great:

        • Striking Appearance: Lurch’s tall, imposing figure combined with his formal butler attire makes for a standout costume.
        • Simple Yet Effective: A well-fitting suit, a white shirt, a black bow tie, and some makeup to create his pale complexion are all you need to pull off this look.
        • Addams Family Vibe: Dressing as Lurch gives you the chance to practice his famous catchphrase, “You rang?” and add a touch of eerie class to any event.

        Joseph Crackstone Costume: Dive into the Series Lore

          For fans of the new Netflix series, dressing as Joseph Crackstone offers a deeper cut into the Addams Family universe. This character’s 17th-century witch-hunting attire is both historical and haunting.

          Why It’s Great:

          • Unique Choice: Unlike the more common Addams Family characters, Joseph Crackstone costume is sure to stand out.
          • Historical Flair: This costume typically includes a wide-brimmed hat, a long cloak, and period-appropriate accessories that give it an authentic 17th-century look.
          • Rich in Detail: The costume allows for creative freedom with details like lace cuffs, brocade fabrics, and even a prop torch to really bring the character to life.


          Dressing up as a member of the Addams Family is always a fantastic choice for any costume event. Whether you prefer the classic looks or the newer interpretations from the latest Netflix series, there’s something for everyone. From the casual comfort of a Wednesday Addams hoodie to the historical intrigue of a Joseph Crackstone costume, these top five choices will ensure you stand out in any spooky gathering. So embrace your inner Addams, and have fun getting creepy and kooky!

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